Hello, Hipsters! I was so excited to find this group -- but I'm a little nervous now as I can only find one item from this current year so far ... seems like maybe most people finished process in past 6 or so years?? Is there anybody still out there?

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Hi Debbie, I'm Mike. I had an anterior THR on my left hip on Valentine's day 2019. I had sustained an injury when I was in my 20's that compounded over time (I'm 57 now) to where I needed a cane, since Oct. 2018, just to walk. The pain was so bad that I actually had to drop my pants on the floor, stick my feet through the leg holes and use the cane to pull them up. And that was just the start of the day. It was crazy!!! I'm now a little over 11 weeks post surgery and I feel great, absolutely no pain and walking around like nothing ever happened. P/T exercises have helped me tremendously as I had some serious muscle atrophy in my left leg from years of overcompensating with my right side. It's going to be great for you once you get it done. The surgery was a breeze. Be patient during the initial recovery stage and just know that in time everything will turn out awesome. Aloha

Thank you, Mike!!

That is almost the same pain level and trouble getting around I'm working with and this starts my day off Great to hear your story!!!

Yours was just over 2 months ago and you are doing this well???  And I am way, way, way younger than you too (almost 54 - that's WAY younger, right?:).  

Thank you again.  I am going to my surgeon in 3 hours and this has calmed my anxiety back down enough to go and just face it and get it done!


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